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Ooooh, how fun! And what a wonderful idea to have a virtual birthday party for your business! I think I need to reappropriate that idea for myself (so much better than STEALING, you know).

My words... Be Still.

Love you! Lori

What a wonderful idea! And such a lovely gift to give!
I love virtual business birthdays. :)

For a theme, I think i'd have to go with Quietude, which for me, is actually all about being still and listening and being in the moment. I just think quietude sounds prettier than trying to amalgamate all those qualities.

What a fun idea, Elizabeth! BLISS... that's my theme. One of my fave words and feelings. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

I love this idea! Yay for audience participation. My word, because I'm so excited for fall, is cozy.

Oh, I have a question, too. Have you ever done a post about how you take photos like these ones (the ones that look really watercolor-ey)? If you have, I'll have to find it. If you haven't, I'd love to hear about your process, if you'd be inclined.

What I see, when I'm looking at your pix, is: Peace.

In fact: "Peace is not something you wish for; It's something you make, Something you do, Something you are, And Something you give away.”
Robert Fulghum

That would be you.

i love your dreamy images. images and words, words and images, i agree that they are a natural fit.

let's see...

i am currently in love with the phrase
soften and stay.

The pictures in this post are really lovely!

The word that keeps popping up as I'm trying to think of a theme suggestion is *movement*. Quite possibly because I have all sorts of things having to do with movement on my mind these days...

What an awesome idea!

My word is: relief

Mainly because I today I could use some.

Cool Breeze.
I love the fall and can't wait for the cool breeze and colorful falling leaves.

Breathing Sky.

What a creative giveaway idea, Elizabeth! And it's perfect for you, with how your blog posts are structured around an intuitive pairing of image and words.

So cool. I love your cards. And I love giveaways. So what's better than a giveaway involving your cards? Nothing. And, hmmm, my theme . . . well, let's see . . .


I am taking the challenge-

Ebb and Flow.

(sounds like and old couple doesn't it? Eb and Flo.)

i have a run on of ideas... thrown in what resonates

betwixed and between

a wink and a smile

lost and found

beauty and the beast

lost things found

clearly blurred

beyond illusion or maya which means illusion

faery magic or faery kisses

everything illuminated

Mine is a theme I've based paintings on in the past, one that fascinates me...

"Time's Treasures"

I love to find things that the world has forgotten... things decaying, beauty growing out of a fallen log, gorgeous stones lodged in old forgotten pilings, etc.

What fun!

yay! photos, word, giveaway!!! all the best things.

my word is participation.



My choice would be...

"All that fresh air"

soooo fun! what a GREAT idea!!

hmmmm.....i would say mine would have to be

"Trust your Path" because i always seem to be reminding myself of that when i question, question and question some more!!!

love to you and hope i made it in time to enter!

this idea really is such fun...

a phrase that has come to me in the quiet twice in the past 24 hours is: sit in wonder

(thank you for you...)

I hope I'm not too late to play,

My phrase is:

"dog days"


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