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Ceeeeeelebration time, come on! :)

Today, I celebrated my Cajun heritage and made gumbo (my first time ever making it) and mini-chocolate+pecan pies.

That's a fancy lookin' cake. yum!

Cool sidebar art too. :) Here's to Retinal Perspectives! Huzzah!

For the moment, my celebratory thoughts are very straightforward: 2 birthdays this week, mom's Friday and mine Sunday. Need to accomplish some things first though. Cheers.

Celebrating along with you, Elizabeth! LOVE the new look here--the sidebar buttons are such fun! Celebrating something every day, taking even a small moment to give thanks--so important, I think. Today I am celebrating yoga and practice at my blog. After being unwell for some days with a cold, still sniffling, but easing back into my practice felt good today! Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

Your new buttons are so cute! Yay for celebrations! Right now I am celebrating that I haven't gotten a call from the school nurse. Hopefully that means my daughter's day is going well!

Woohoo! I think it's awesome that your inner being craves a party. We shouldn't need traditional holidays to celebrate life. :) Hmm... I think/hope you're on to something.

I noticed your new buttons right away- love, love, love.

I LOVE the pictures on your side bar.
And yay! Cake!
Totally love the animal Reiki idea ^_^ My cats seem to enjoy Reiki and they're really fickle and fussy and fidgety and other words beginning with F... feline.

Hurray for retinal perspectives.

new buttons-love.


Mmmm, that cake looks delicious.

I had so much fun doing the art for your buttons and button-izing them, I'm glad you love them! I'm really pleased with how they mesh with your design, like party decorations that brighten up the place without overwhelming.

Thanks again for coming to me for the buttons, and hooray for Retinal Perspectives! *blows curly party horn*

@amy: they really are perfect. thank you! :)

@jen t: wheeeee!

@rose: hee. they sound just like cats. love it.

@julie: exactly! that is my new plan. so far, i am loving it.

@gayle: yay for no calls from nurses! i hope your daughter's day ended well too.

@tracy: oh! i'm so glad you're feeling better. yay for yoga practice!

@claire: wow. this is a celebratory week! happy (early) birthday - celebrating you and a new year of you!

@steph: ooooooh. that sounds so good. i am definitely celebrating with you. (especially since if i ever manage to make pie, there will be celebrations galore over here. ;)

Yum! And Wheeee! Everything looks so beautiful, and celebratory. I just want to sidle up with a hunk of cake and chatter with you about photography and Reiki and life :) So much love to you, and your business, my dear! xox

Cake for everyone! Yay!
I love that you're throwing a party for Retinal Perspectives. Actually, I think it's really sweet that your business insists on being celebrated. Way to go and bring you back to what's important! :)

Oh, the celebration time! In love with the cake. Adore the new buttons. So happy for the dream coming true and celebrating the business - pure awesomeness.


Congratulations! I'm really loving watching your blog & business(es) evolve... I love seeing people that are passionate about what they do. Oh! I was at my friend's place the other day and one of your pictures popped off the shelf at me - "that's Elizabeth's flower!" And then I remembered that I signed her up for postcards from heaven - she loves them, btw. :)

oh hello ..i think this is so festive ..and i did not know or I would have been here sooner for a bit of cake..so nice of you to celebrate

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