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Reiki for animals... BRILLIANT idea, Elizabeth! It is amazing how animals respond to "alternative" healing. I'm not therapist, but I give our cat a massage often during the week--he loves it! Our pet do respond to what's going on with us, and when we're calm, they're calm too. This photo of Atlas is so tender...*sigh*...LOVE the new comedian nicknames. Another Weim....hhhmmm... Happy Day ((HUGS))

Saw this today and immediately thought of you and Atlas! A Weim reunited with owners after 7 years. http://news.yahoo.com/video/us-15749625/21878236

Parvo can be a devastating disease. Several years ago one of my puppies got it and while he survived, the effects haunted him his whole life.

@jerry: oh, your poor puppy. i definitely think that the parvo is why atlas has so much trouble with his tummy .. so much diet-related trouble .. etc.

@lynn: i saw that! oh, i was sniffly watching the dad pet the dog and watching that dog just cuddle.

@tracy: what a sweet thing to do for your kitty! i love it. i took a massage for dogs class but atlas doesn't love my massages. i suspect i don't do it quite right. ;)

I had the BEST massage from the practitioner that worked on my in-laws German sheppards's hip! Fixed my plantar fasciitous with 3 treatments!

This picture has just become one of my favorites ever.


I also love that you're offering reiki for animals. I love this. I love the page.

And I'll probably be in touch about it soon. I know a couple of bunnies who would lurve this like crazy.

@fabeku: fabulous! i love bunnies. :)

@lisa: that is so cool! i do know a massage therapist for dogs, but i don't think she does people-work.

oh my gosh, i wish i were close -- i'd bring my girl. she's getting older (tho we don't talk about that...) and has stiffness/arthritis in her hips.

she's my angel (that's what i call her even tho her name is roxy). she's zonked out here right now after a big outing today. she's snoring. and farting. and i STILL love her =)

You two have the most incredible connection. So intuitive.
He makes the most perfect vice president.

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