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Soooo CUTE! Love that cat, such a great illustration--Amy's great at capturing character! Actually, the cat looks a LOT like our Charlie. Sooo good Altas approves...pet approval always clinches a deal, doesn't it! ;o) Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

I was curious about the kitty, so it was nice to find this post here today. It all makes perfect sense!

here kitty kitty!
it is PURRRfect my friend.
glad that atlas approves...i was worried for a moment.
loves to you

love the story and how could anyone resist that big happy smile on your kitty??

I love how you always give stories behind the beautiful choices you make, Elizabeth. Thank you :)

@laurie: thank you!

@patty: i know! it looks like the happiest kitty ever.

@chrissy: oh no. no worries. atlas approves of everything cat-related. ;)

@josiane: it makes sense! yay!

@tracy: pet approval really clinches it. (well, atlas doesn't approve of my couch cushions and yet they remain - so i guess my approval overrides his. ;)

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