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What a pretty neighborhood! I would love to win one of your prints. Thank you for the chance! My favorite chocolate? Hmmm, I think it's Lindt truffles in either dark or extra dark! What's yours?

so fun!

what beautiful colors. it's pretty here too but it's been so hot. finally cooler today. ah, fall.

favorite chocolate... hmmm, milk for sure. creamy. rich. oh, now my mouth is watering!


I love that print, Elizabeth!

My favorite chocolate of the moment is Fran's Salted Dark Chocolate Squares. So good.

What lovely colors!
Favorite chocolate? Dark, that's for sure. I don't have any specific brand or variety in mind right now; there are so many good ones! What about you - what's your fave?

my current favorite is the dark chocolate pb cups from trader joe's. i thought it would be fun to get some new ideas!

I am thankful for giveaways!

My favorite chocolate is Divine milk chocolate. It is simply...divine!

I also really really like the Ritter knusperflakes bar, when I'm feeling a little spunky.

i love the leaves the in 2nd photo. so heavenly :)

xo Alison

dark. maybe with sea salt. as in chocolate. as in me eating. not sharing. cuz i'm like that.

So fun to see what your neighborhood looks like. The colors are gorgeous! What camera do you own?

My favorite chocolate: Lindt 70% chocolate bar. I've tried so many brands and this is the one I always come back to. Plain M&M's come in second. :)

Great color in this series of photos! My fave chocolate is for sure dark. Sometimes just Dove promises, sometimes the Lindt truffles. Lindt makes such pure, smooth chocolate; it is always good!

My favorite kind of chocolate comes with peanut butter :)

Thanks for the contest!

I just found your blog and I love it. I have been wanting to start a blog and I think it might be something like yours. Thanks for the inspiration.

I would love to win one of your prints.

I love the picture with the blue wall and leaves! How pretty. Your neighborhood seems much more colorful than mine. Every house where I live is varying tones of beige (stone, tan, cream, etc) Hmmm...favorite chocolate? I really like sponge candy...that is covered in chocolate, so I think it counts. Otherwise, any chocolate where caramel is involved.

relish the colors and angles of this walk around town..

to answer your question..any kind and lots of it!!

these are GORGEOUS!
hmm.. you want me to pick a FAVOURITE chocolate?! that's crazy :P
White chocolate.
and Kitkats.
Mmm kitkats.

LOVING all the chocolate selections
{julie m was the winner of the giveaway}
thank you to everyone for playing!

This fall palette is so invigorating! I want to go ride my bike outside now. I love the third photo with the wheel and the yellow leaves!

these photos are so amazing. i want to walk with you and atlas.

hmm... chocolate? i am loving on "green and blacks" chocolate and caramel bars. honey, yes!

So bummed that I missed this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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