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We definitely love our dogs!!! Sweet image!!

pets and their owners start to look alike as well as sound alike you know

lol...your fork flinging story got me laughing.
You two are such an adorable pair. I love your stories.

Ah, yes, the chicken and rice. The irony is that dogs LOVE their sick-day food (usually). Freshly cooked chicken! And I love the image of you shaking the fork and inadvertently giving him a treat. Hope his tummy troubles clear up soon!

i thought you kept that rule too! it reminds me of when he came to our house and i wasn't going to let him on my bed because that is kia's sanctuary, and in a few days, he was on it:) he was so cute i couldn't resist. but i feel like there is a rule or two that i still keep for kia. and yes, you two dramatics are a lot alike;)

great story .. made me laugh..hope his tummy gets better!!

@elk: i think it finally is. :)

@helen: see, his cuteness wins over everyone. eventually kia will not be able to resist either. ;)

@maryann: he definitely does! he drools almost as much as he does for his regular food. (though he eats raw chicken or raw venison so he's got it pretty good regardless. :)

@jaime: i had to laugh myself when i saw the chicken fly. it *was* funny. ;)

@ann: well, let's hope i start looking like atlas. ;)

@marcie: indeed we do!

bless his heart. my sweet, Miles, is the same way. the chicken and rice, seems to help calm his tummy.

When I am too late with dinner, Nikki will start groaning at me, not barking or whining, but an actual groan, and will look up at me with pleading eyes.

haha, that's where you're wrong...kia is tougher than everyone else, she will never be won over by a canine:)

hahaha! the black leather chair!

and ~ a steaming mug of hot tea helps reset that frigid inner thermometer. (As does drinking it in front of a roaring wood stove..)


I hope Atlas is feeling better now. I love your chicken flinging story!

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