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The nice thing about dogs..is that we can talk to them about whatever we want. They never talk back!!!

hahahhaha...the love you have for atlas makes me want to be a better mama to my pooches.

Dogs live in the now.

Dear Atlas, Your Mom is WRONG.** You are worth more to her than anything. Loves, Aurora

** Aurora refers to the fact that Atlas is naked and, therefore, worth nothing according to the title of your post ;) She, otoh, would be priceless.

I once had a dog, Natasha, who had amazing "mommy genes". She never tired, she was gentle and persistent and always watching, always careful, always ... caring for the small creatures in her world. She loved them. I have no doubt of that.

The other dog at the time, Boris, was less-enamoured of wee fools. He'd sigh and roll his eyes when we couldn't do something because of a small visitor. :)

Oh, good! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has meaningful discussions with her dogs! The young ones actually pay attention and try to come up with answers...in the form of raised eyebrows, wagging tails, and "does that mean you're gonna give me a cookie?" expressions. But hey, at least they're paying attention!

Aw. You two are such a pair.

@kylie: we are indeed.

@sherron: totally! at least you get answers! i get snores. ;)

@aurora: you are absolutely right! i think of atlas as having a million (tiny) pieces of fur but he's worth even more than a million. as are you. xoxo

@jerry: absolutely.

@kelly: i know you are a fabulous dog-mama!

@marcie: yes! i love it.

Both of you are just adorable. I love the stories you tell together.

haha... oh, this is fabulous, Elizabeth! And don't you just love the one eye look?! Charlie & I have the same conversations. We talk a lot, or rather I do... LOL! I like how animals aren't hung up about things like we humans are. In the next life I want to be a cat in a loving home--it's all about cuddles, a bit of food, get to sleep on the bed when everyone's out, a mousie cat nip toy... what more could I want? ;o) haha... Happy Day to you & Atlas ((HUGS))

Oh, the hilarity. That is so sweet and funny. Love this picture!

oh my goodness!....i love this post...i love that you talk to your pup atlas like this. i totally feel like my pooches are my kids and can't imagine how i'll manage without them. I really feel that dogs love unconditionally and its a magical gift that they can give humans. we humans are so lucky for the spirits of the canine. i cherish mine. love you and miss you dearly!

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