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I've been surprised by this the last few days.

I've heard "be gentle with yourself" over and over and over and have never, quite, been able to put into play.

Now, I have a screaming-child in a temper-tantrum haze being gently soothed by the monster choir. -- Hopefully, that sentence will parse intelligently for you ;)

Suddenly, "be gentle with yourself" makes some sense. (I do wish the child would quit screaming, though. It's tiresome. She's got quite a bit of stamina.)

This is lovely, Elizabeth... Sometimes we just have to stop and remind ourselves to be kinds to ourselves. We're so busy doing good for other, we must try and put ourselves into the equation occasionally too. ;o) Hope you're having a great ME weekend! ((HUGS))

Looks like you should mail one of your postcards to yourself. :) wouldn't that be fun if it got lost in the mail and appeared at your doorstep like 5 years later??

@kate: that would be so fun! i never would mail myself one because i feel like it would arrive the next day and where's the surprise in that. sniffle.

@tracy: in truth, it was an atlas-weekend out of necessity. but hopefully it will soon be time for me too. :)

@bullwinkle: makes total sense. i hope the choir was able to soothe her.

This is my thing this year. To be kinder to myself. It really does take a lot of reminding. Like, a lot.

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