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This is too funny. Love..love..love!

i wish ollie was not an at home barker! delilah does much better than she used to
maybe because ollie does enough for the both
of them. i wish ollie and delilah could run
the shore line with atlas.


haha... I just love the thought of you & Atlas barking along together... almost like singing! Think of it as singing next time you think the noise level is getting too great... You both are SINGING! ;o) LOVE this photo! ((HUGS))

Totally cracked me up - love this pic. Too funny.

This gave me the giggles. Yay!!

ha ha talking with your dog i love it i cluck at my chickens and they love it ha ah or maybe it's just me who likes it

@a box of chocolates: i bet they do!

@steph: yay!

@patty: you can almost hear him barking. ;)

@rachel, @marcie: :)

@kelly: that would be so fun! i wish they could too. (sending at-home quiet vibes for ollie.)

Now I want to go home and get a picture of Aurora in the rear view mirror. (She's smaller than Atlas so it isn't often I can see her in the mirror.)

Love this! What fun!

(and Aurora and I have conversations all.the.time. (She's rather bossy and opinionated. But she arr ar ar oou's more than barks.))

haha this makes me soooooo tempted to upload a certain video;)

This is so cute and hilarious!

Do tell me how you got him NOT to bark at home?

i friggin love it!!

LOL!!!! So funny. I can just see you guys in the car.

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