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yeah!!!! so happy you are painting. i love painting with my fingers rather then a brush.
and ilove using thin pencils and pens. hmmm...
you don't? we all have a way, don't we.

very cool! i like all the pages, esp. the second to last one:)

way to push through this elizabeth ..your list made me smile and I so know that freedom of finishing!

Cool! thanks for sharing. :)

you're right. it was a fun peek. call me a peeping thomasina.

Very cool!!

I'm thinking that now we all remember how much fun finger paints were when we were kids. :-) Actually, I don't know that I ever painted with finger paints, but I do remember several "art projects" that required copious amounts of Elmer's glue...and I looooooooove playing with Elmer's glue!!

This is beautiful. Finger paints!

Thank you for posting because you let me in on this big thing~I had no idea about this project but find it thrilling and even more so that you are a part of it. YOU are inspiring! :) XOXO

lol..paper burns quickly. You are so adorable. That whole comment made me giggle.
I wish I was more artistically inclined...I come from a family of artists and can't draw a stick man to save my life! I don't think I have the patience to draw. But I so wish I could!

What a thrill to have a peek inside your art journal, Elizabeth! Thanks for the tips and insights--especially the coffee again & painting with no brushes. ;o) I'm just getting started with an art journal--something I've been wanting to do for a while. I used to do a lot of "fine" art once-upon-a-time. Not I'm just playing. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

This was a lot, a lot, a LOT of fun. Thanks so much for sharing. I really, really enjoyed it. I am so inspired and encouraged by your passionate pursuit of your artistic side.

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