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i love him to. i so wish i could go to rally with you. it looks amazing. i miss you. that is all.

great job on your bubble photos!

I'm a Rothko fan, as well, Elizabeth. Love these shots! The last one is so lovely, it belongs in a gallery. :)

this all made me smile

i would love to splash around in the color.


loving you

these are cool! i like them:) and i'm glad you're having epiphanies and writing madly:)

Can't wait to hear about the epiphanies! Have one for me too, please. Rally (Rally!) is on my someday list....

Loving the bubbles....

@lori: epiphany for you, check!

@helen: oooh! i found something for you! you will be the most excited person ever when you see it!

@kolleen: wouldn't it be so fun! i love you too! <3

@meredith: wow - thank you! i might have to put it on my wall.

@kerri: thanks!

@kelly: i wish you were here too. i think you would love it.

Wow! I clicked on your *his paintings* link and was bombarded with gorgeous colour! What a wonderful thing to be inspired by. xo

Your "translation" is GLORIOUS, Elizabeth! I love the quiet joy & playfulness.. and COLOR! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

oh elizabeth...i LOVE playing with bubbles. aren.t they just the best? i am going to go to the store and get me some.
missing you.

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring, as always, Elizabeth. Your photo? Amazingly wonderfully beautiful!

really? i'm intrigued and excited and wondering what it is! :)

Beautiful! I am so impressed with your skills and photography take on his paintings. Bravo!

Rally (Rally!) looks like so much fun! Of course I had to look it up to see what it was...man, more and more I am seeing that Portland is the place to be!

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