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Oooh, how did I miss that bit? Thank you for sharing. It will give me a lot to think about.

mmmmm....this is so good. i love this (love!)
i so wish i could come stay with you for a bit
and talk and hike and eat. you just send me such
goodness. so in honor of flow and ease, i sit here - i will close my eyes - relax and find you
deep in my thoughts.

it is funny forever if i am on the couch working on the laptop, for some reason i feel
guilty that "this is not work" even though i am
laying out designs, editing images, etc. i have done this since i have started freelancing. but the last few months i have caught myself saying to bryce...man i got so
much done today, eventhough it was on the couch - all day. it is work(work!)

mmmmmm....feeling very light. love that.

Living your practice... That's what it's all about, isn't it?! :o) I like how you distill the essentials down to: "...the way to bring more of a quality into your life will be in a way that includes that quality." I'm trying to allow more spontaneity in my daily life. I can be so structured, so schedule-driven sometimes. So making for fun. Lots of food for thought here today, Elizabeth... Thanks! Happy Day ((HUGS))

awesome! what a great statement and discovery. and thank you for all the specific examples...got my brain thinking about my own. :)

Cool! Thanks for sharing that tidbit. Seems so obvious and yet so easy to overlook.

Yes! This was the one of the biggest things I got from Rally, too. And, most fruitful experiment ever. So basically, what you said! :)

@darcy: i think it was tucked into a conversation about something else, but my ears perked up when i heard it.

@kelly: isn't that funny?! i find that i get more work done when i'm at my desk because now that my body knows i'm listening, it starts to hurt almost immediately and then i'm so distracted by the pain that i can't get much done so i wander around on the internet to avoid it. instead of doing what i went on their to do in the first place. now i am picturing you working on your couch and it makes me so happy.

@tracy: me too. me too. i wish us both more spontaneity!

@jillian: you're welcome!

@claire: it does seem obvious now that i heard it, but apparently it is taking a while to integrate so it's natural to practice. ;)

@briana: !!!

I really really REALLY need to remember that and practice it in my life. Why is it that I think that pushing myself to exhaustion will yield the (ease-ful, calm, balanced) results I want? I'm getting better at it, but this could really use some focus. Oh, how I hope I'll get to come to Rally (Rally!) some day.

Oh, so much to think about here. Too much to even comment on other than to say that I love this.

(And also: *Darcy's here! Darcy's here! Darcy's here!* Darcy is one of my favorite people, and a dear college friend!)

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