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WOW... It almost looks like deflated balloons trapped in the ice... party leftovers, maybe?! What do you think it is? Very fun! :o) Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

or japanese drink umbrellas. i love this!

yes yes...reflections and subtle happy right there!!

elk got it! it's a reflection of balloons in a puddle. :)

These are awesome! I giggled out loud when I saw them. :)

it totally pays!

That is so cool!

Makes me want to jump!

so interesting. i love it.

xo Alison

terrific. beautiful and you are so right, look everywhere.

Love it! Your pictures always make me smile. Hugs to you, m'lady!

I love the perspective! Balloons reflected in water look beautiful.

totally sweet... love this. visiting from ELK's!!

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