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I love this photo. It reminds me of when you go to the beach, and it's so bright that everything seems sort of...hazy? Or maybe it reminds me of when you come out from indoors onto a bright, sunny beach. Either way, this is really wonderful.

ooh, you went to the tulip farm! this is an awesome pic:) i wish we had flowers blooming!

So true! Beautifully expressed!

It is not crazy~it is juicy~this picture is luscious!

Okay, crazy awesome!

love those colors!

Love the light in this. All the more beautiful in the hot sun!

Go crazy, Elizabeth... we love it! My toes are tingling... I just love the super-sunny feel of these tulips! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

i think you've captured what happiness looks like!

New desktop background... woohoo! Thank you for taking this photo.... Love.

Actually, let me back up on my previous comment. I know it's a copyrighted image, would it be OK to use it on my desktop as the background? Or I'd be happy to purchase :)

gorgeous, gorgeous photo!

oh, yay - so glad you all liked the sunshine photo too. :)

@lori: i sent you a mail, but yes - background away! i'd actually like to post a photo every so often that people could take for their desktops but first i need to find out how/where to post a file on my blog, how to add a watermark, and what sizes people would want.

@kylie: yes! i can see it!

all I have to say is: oh wow!

This is amazingly, awesomely wonderful. I really, really love this photo.

I can see why you love it. This photo is devine so artistic and pretty.

What a beautiful beautiful image! Oh, I love this!

I know that photographers always say that full sun is no good...and I have been trying to prove them wrong. But you, my friend...you have truly sent that misguided belief out the window!

Love this love this!

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