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All signs of spring are welcome and well-loved around here! So while there is no definite favorite, the first one that came to mind was seeing water running down the streets on a sunny day from the snow banks melting. :)

I wish you a perfect picture-taking day soon!

I love yards that are over-run with purple grape-hyacinths. And then a bit later: the lilacs.

Hope you have a very happy birthday!

Watching the flowers come up is a favorite, but so is being able to open the windows and let in the warm, fresh air!

I love listening to my kids play outside.

Happy day to you!


spring? is the hope the sun brings, that as the earth awakes and renews itself, then so can I. If after another hard winter--cranky old man winter!--Mother Nature can laugh and clean house, then maybe I can clean my soul's house and brush away the dark of winter solstice.

Spring...I'm with Julie, the sounds of the outside play, creaking swings, the springs on the trampoline, the 4 wheeler, and lots of hollaring and laughing.

I love the sound of the birds singing in the early morning and in the evening! It's so nice to hear after the long winter.

Happy Birthday!

tulips! the tulips coming up are always the sign of spring to me. :) And one of the grandkids running right thru them. Of course, the Easter egg hunt- this year next saturday- is always a sign the snow is gone... hopefully.



oooh Happy Birthday!

i just love to watch the birdies gathering twigs to build their nests ...so exciting.

one love.

Happy birthday! My favorite sign of Spring is my gigantic willow tree sprouting soft, green buds.

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY, Elizabeth! :o) Spring...it is here at least! My favorite sign of spring is that along with all the snow melting and Earth coming alive, so do I feel like I'm coming alive again--a bursting out all over kind of feeling! Our crocuses are now in bloom--the first of the spring flowers. A blessing to see... Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Happy birthday ^_^
My favourite sign of spring are bluebells. Glimpsing a wooded carpet of them while driving to places, mainly. Being able to go outside after dinner; as its still light is another one :)

Yay for spring :)

I love when I see the green new shoots moving up through the leaves...actually drilling a hole in the old fall leaves to get to the sun! POWERFUL!

one of my favorite signs of spring: the way my kitty transforms out of her winter hibernation mode into a crazed birdwatcher, running from window to window (sorry mom, no time for sitting in your lap -- there are BIRDS to chatter at!)

Happy birthday, sweet Elizabeth!

And my favorite sign of spring is when our Hottentot ice plant starts getting bright purple blooms on it. I should really go take a picture of it before it's all done until next year!

Happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

My favorite sign of spring is the Bradford pear trees blooming. The little white blossoms make the trees look snow-covered, from a distance. And then little by little, the blossoms give way to light green leaves.

alas, we've had warm weather days for quite awhile now so the 'first bursts of spring' enchantment have given way to the sounds of spring... my favorite? the birds taking bath after bath in my little fountain. it's a sparrow spa of 5 star rating!!!

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