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As always, beautifully put with great insight, Elizabeth! I think passion can take many different forms. And our passion can evolve, but some things never "die," we just come more full circle and deeper into the heart of the passion. If that makes any sense... LOL! I was just listening to a podcast, the theme being how the glitter of our gadgets blinds us to our inner truths and numbing expanding consciousness...heavy stuff, but interesting thoughts! Happy Day ((HUGS))

yesterday i was trying to take a photo of Mark's client with her iphone. first i made the camera go away, then i took video, and finally, i got the picture. :)

i like these pics and of course, your connections and observations about your career, and the direction you have taken...lovely.

oh how I have missed you!

Hi - I am catching up on blog reading (and commenting, I hope!)

As I was reading I saw the difference between long lasting heat of a smoldering fire vs the sudden roaring blaze of startup and small kindling flares. Trite, maybe but it's what I saw ;)

Elizabeth, this was so interesting to me because I have struggled with some of the same issues. I gave up a career that I loved parts of and not the other parts and in looking back I still wonder about the parts that I loved and if those feelings are being re-directed or are dormant or ?? I think just by reflecting on all of this and asking the questions, you (and hopefully me too!) are on the right path!
I am still not on the iphone bandwagon. It is just a matter of time and I'm thinking of writing a blog post about why I'm resisting it.
Love reading your thoughts!!

Love the pictures! (And observations, as always.)

oh I can't wait to see what all the fun that comes out of your iphone. I resisted one for so long because I didn't want to fall into that category of "marketing victim"...you know what I mean? But I am loving it. And I do find it pretty intuitive. Do you find it "usable?" I loved your story...

@kate: i do. very much so. i think apple is really good at usability + beauty, which is why i am a fan.

@julie: hey, there! <3

@patty: i hope so! if you have further thoughts about the pieces that you loved in yours, i'd love to hear about it.

@bullwinkle: that does makes sense. thanks for the image! i am also thinking that a lot of the effort behind my passion was driven less by the passion and more by slightly less healthy things (like trying to make up for not being enough by doing more than enough).

@jen: hee. i know that. i was trying to turn off my ear piece the other day and i managed to call my sister. except i couldn't decide for a while if she was calling me or i was calling her. there was much giggling. (she didn't answer so i figured it out.)

@tracy: that makes sense! i'll have to think about the gadget glitter thing - interesting and worth some thought. xoxo

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