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In this do-it-quick, have-it-done-yesterday world we live in, the whole fast vs slow comes up a lot. I'm learning to grow more & more comfortable with slow, and I like it. I like paying attention to one thing only when I can. It feels more natural. Like you, I am feeling a greater need just now to be more fully present in my life--my real life especially, so look to be spending a teeny, tiny bit less time online than usual. I find when I refocus on the real life, I enjoy my time online when I'm on more. Love hearing about the progress you've been making, the little details... Happy Week, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

yay YOU, first of all...... doing so well . This week was less distracting for me and i was much more creative and continue with my photography which I adore. Have a GREAT week Elizabeth!

i also love the little details. how can one feel such a friendship for someone they wouldn't even recognize if they passed on the street? the wonders of this internet in our century. i love it. i visit wilf first, then i visit atlas (what i call your blog!).
i fell off our practice wagon this past weekend. we had a micro-burst and 80 mph straight winds last week. like a small tornado. roof damage, debris, fences and trees down; hail like golf balls, it sounded like a roar with machine guns included. have been dealing with contractors, insurance, etc.
we have a "leave it to beaver" neighborhood. are any of you even old enuf to remember? anyway, much happiness & laughter that we're all still alive among the mess.
so... what did i do? well, let's just say i didn't eat 'heart-healthy!' comfort food! yes!
i did get to see "midnight in paris" and absolutely loved it. go. see. it!

It's interesting because permission is coming up as a theme more and more for me... it's like, I need it so badly that I don't even know I need it. And the flip side, too, which seems to be allowance. Sometimes it means allowing myself to do things (like permission) and sometimes allowing whatever is happening to be happening. (As if I have a choice. But, oh, the ways I resist.)

As for my experiment-- I must say, I think it's one of those cases where, had I known how intense it was going to get, I may never have embarked. Okay, probably definitely not. I'm hitting bedrock stuff over here.

But now that I'm in, I'm glad that I'm in. The bedrock stuff is important. Makes me wonder what I've been playing with all this time, if not the foundation. Could I be anymore cryptic? :)


@briana: no. no, you could not. (be more cryptic, that is.) *she giggles* and oh, man, do i get the "needing it so much that i don't even know i need it" bit.

@tammy: movie recommendations! i will look for it. also - i totally remember leave it to beaver. i loved that show. so glad you're all alive and that things are being put to rights!

@sandy: that's fabulous! i can hear your happiness in your "voice". enjoy your week!

@tracy: me too. clearly great minds think alike. i think i am going to blog on mon/wed/thurs/sat for a while and see how that goes. it feels like a good idea for the summer months for sure. it's nice to think of you working on something similar! helps inspire me to keep going when the screen beckons. ;)

I missed a day of meditation again last week. Didn't think of it 'til I was already tucked up in bed, and just wasn't up for it, so I went on to sleep. But there was another day when I didn't think of it 'til I was in bed, and I sat up in bed and meditated right there. I think I'm doing okay at the gentleness with myself piece of this. Permission to be not-perfect, granted! :)

I've also been noticing this week how much of a difference having this container you've created is making for me. There's something about knowing that others are out there working on your own things this month, even if they're nothing at all like my thing, that makes me feel supported more than if I'd just said to myself, "I'm going to do this thing for 30 days."

Thank you, Elizabeth, for inviting us to join you, and thank you, everyone else who's playing along at home, for playing along at home!

I so hear you on the theme of indulgence ~ I hear the word "lazy" creep into my mind sometimes! It can be so hard for me to sit and notice and be present ~ to slow down. To put my book down, even, and to let my thoughts simmer and bubble and smooth out.

More time in nature. Yep.

x brooke

Dearest Elizabeth~Just checking in and thanking you for this invitation. I feel a strength growing from this practice in both mind and body. You really have touched on something about permission and for once (it seeems) in my life I feel like I am getting the hang of gentle and letting go of my all or nothing attitude that has defeated me so often in the past..XOXO

This 30 days has been such a funny thing. I think I am still in a state of flux with all my practices and am trying to be patient as things settle. Still, I have been on my mat nearly every day (for WIDELY varying lengths of time!) And have added the Shiva Nata a handful of times. I finally got around to seeing the Havi-w-pink-hair video. Awesome. I am leading a home practice monthly workshop with a friend of mine - Last Sunday, our theme was "Practice to LIVE", and we talked a lot about permission, and instead of focusing on the more structured physical practice, we talked about many techniques to come into the present moment during the day. I'm practicing this too. Yep, I am. This whole paragraph - yes!:
'the thing that is coming up for me related to my theme of permission is that i need to spend more time being present. for me, that means more time sitting in meditation, more time journaling, more time on the yoga mat, more time in nature, more time with my camera, more time connecting with people.'

Thank you Elizabeth, as always, I love your quietly encouraging posts. Cheering YOU on too!

@mel: what a great theme! i like the idea of remembering other ways to come into present moment during the day, when you are off the mat and might be more forgetful. thank you for your cheering - it is lovely to know there are others out there with me!

@stephanie: what a wonderful thing to notice! celebrating that with you - the practice and the gentle approach to the practice.

@brooke: ah. lazy. yes. i hear that one too. working on putting my book down too - i find that even harder. hoping you're enjoying your time in nature!

@steph:"permission to be not-perfect, granted!" woo-hoo! and you're very welcome! i agree, i find it so lovely to know that others are playing along in their own way. very supportive and encouraging.

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