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Did he fulfill your trust...or was he so happy to see you that he could not stop?

he veered off to the side. the only time he ever crashed into me, it was totally my fault. i doubted his direction (he always veered to one particular side and i thought that that time it would be different) and stepped directly into his path. he has a very hard head and i was very very sorry. however, i could also picture the crash and fall and it was very funny. :)

of course that was my immediate question as well ..what an intense capture Elizabeth~~

I love the joy expressed by a dog running to you.

look - he's laughing! best friends playing together...only one with a hard head.
hugs to both :)

Love the framing of this scene. Just enough..but not too much!

@marcie: thanks!

@tammy: you made me laugh. i wonder now whose head is harder. ;)

@jerry: me too.

@elk: it is fun to watch him come!

I love this. He's positively grinning!

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