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LOVE the photo... and I love your theory on dog fights, Elizabeth! What's great about animals is that they do believe they are top dog, and not ashamed of it. Us humans seem to have a harder time with self-love... hhhmmm... As always, we can learn do much from animals! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

you dearest girl have got to write a book. it could be about nothing and it will be just wonderful.
with lots of pictures of course!
(ahem, mostly of best puppy in the world of you-know-who, of course.)

You're hilarious. I love your thoughts on life- I frequently giggle aloud while reading your blog. :)

wait, what? lucy is the best dog in the world...

love reading about your doggy love!

@brooke: lucy is definitely the best dog in the world. for sure.

@julie: i'm glad. i giggle often while writing. ;)

@tammy: a story about nothing! now that is a book title.

@tracy: we can, indeed. atlas is definitely my greatest teacher.

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