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this was almost like looking into the mirror. i was in your place, only with zeke it was cancer...and i knew the inevitable would happen. they are not dogs to me. they are literally a part of me. at least zeke was. if that's unhealthy of me to think that way i don't care. i kept it all in because i felt that nobody "really" knew what i was going thru...that's when you talk to yourself the most. i understand. and elizabeth, i haven't known you as long or obviously as well as some of the others on here, but i do know that you are a remarkable person. we love you. and we love atlas. and he doesn't want you to worry. take each day as a gift. (i know,easy words.just words.) but i think they gain strength from our strength. my reiki healing combined with yours and others, always. xo

So beautiful and brave Elizabeth.

Between my two sweet pups we could have built one swanky vet clinic (I cover up the worry by joking about it. And I did a lot of shopping too. OMG, between the vet bills and the shopping...) I've come a long way, but it's hard to admit how numb and how in trouble I was about it all.

Your words to yourself are beautiful. I feel inspired & honored to read them.

Elizabeth, I am envisioning your sweet little worry monsters toddling off to their cozy bed (the one that's filled with lots of fluffy blankets and pillows!)and snuggling in for a long winter's nap.

(Yes, I know it's spring but the metaphor works better with winter!)


You worry because you love. We don't want to lose those we love. It is what it is. The worry will not go away because the love will not go away.

@jerry: that's better than thinking that i worry because i'm slightly neurotic. ;)

@josiane: <3

@sherron: they can have eternal winter - perfect for snuggling.

@mel: oh man, that's a lot of worry. your pups built a vet clinic. my pup is my house. i joke too. xo

@andrea: thank you.

@tammy: i understand. and i can imagine the pain. sending love and comfort to the you of now and the you of then.

Sending you big hugs...I feel speachless reading all that you are going through together, you and Atlas. xoxo

Everybody worries. It is not neurotic. You love Atlas and do not want to lose him. That is normal, not neurotic. Our dogs are family members, and they love us UNCONDITIONALLY. Where else can you get that? Of course we worry about losing it. It will be a loss that cannot be replaced.

Such wise words have already been said above. I will just add my hugs and the fact that I totally get every single word you have written. Completley.

I think Jerry Critter put it perfectly. "You worry because you love." Hugs to both you and Atlas.

elizabeth, your note to yourself is beautiful ~ I second every word of it. hugs and love to you and atlas.

oh I wish I could take your worry away. I know how deeply you care for Atlas. Instead, I will just hold the space for you to feel how you feel. And thanks so much for sharing that post from The Fluent Self. I needed that today. hugs.

I, too, love my dog to distraction. She fills every corner of my heart. How can we not worry? I sometimes find myself wondering what I will do when she is gone. Then I go hug her and ruffle her ears and lay down with her and we cuddle. I'm squeezing every loving moment that we have left out of her.

Oh, and PS: That is an absolutely priceless photo. I want to hug Atlas myself!

Beautiful. You touched on something so big and important here. Love to you and Atlas!

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