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AMAZING views and thoughts for today, Elizabeth! I love the colorful view of your beach world... I feel refreshed just looking at these. And I must add that book to my reading list! I love David Whyte, he always as the best questions...this on no exceptions. And I like that last quote too. The sooner we realize we are all part of a community, the closer we'll come to saving the planet, I feel. Do share more of your thoughts on this reading, I'd love to know! I' feel very "brave" sharing some art work at my place today. I hope it will be something others can connect with and find themselves in too. :o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Inspiring word and thoughts...thank-you!!! And - I love your images today.

a wonderful post today. i think if this little blue planet is to be saved . . . it will be helped by what we share on this internet . . .
how anyone cannot believe the mess we have created and are still creating, is beyond me.

plus... your shots are very surreal!!! like amazing paintings.

I'm interested in hearing more about Caroline Myss, sounds intriguing!

Thank you for the introduction to Justine Musk (wow, awesome piece!) - and I love Jen Louden. And those pictures are incredible - what a beautiful coastline. Awesome stuff Elizabeth, thank you. Have a beautiful weekend!

Gorgeous images and words. So much to let float through my mind...

I've listened to other Caroline Myss stuff, and always find it fascinating.

Thank you for sharing all of this together!

the second photo looks to me like the african continent :)

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