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With or without the paw prints... I love it! ;o) ((HUGS))

That does look like a pretty bedspread!

My bed sometimes has the muddy paw print style, too!

Chica the Lab is blond. I have a white cotton quilt on the bed. It hides her hair but not those foot prints. The nice thing is that the quilt keeps getting softer with each wash...

Beautiful bedding, Elizabeth.

my favorite word! my favorite way of life. and pictures of paw prints on white with sprigs of green... life is good.

cool! it reminds me of my bedspread, which doesn't have muddy paw prints, but black cat hair all over it. it really adds to the design:)

A very zen-like picture. I feel more peaceful just looking at it.


Haha!! I was thinking the same thing: muddy paw prints and lots of fur! Just adds to the pattern. :-)

as soon as I looked at them I thought the same thing!

oh how you make me smile!!

Before I even saw what you wrote here, this photo reminded me of the bedspread my best friend used to have! It was a bamboo pattern, I believe. Though it didn't have any paw prints on it...

It's gorgeous. I think I've thought that about other photos of yours too- they could be beautiful fabrics!

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