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It's very meditative- this photo, your words. Thank you!

May the sun rise to meet you when you come out of the blue, Elizabeth. :o) ((HUGS))

oh! did not even think about this .. i am not here now - i was just thinking about when it happens.

@tracy: that is a beautiful sentiment. so beautiful.

@sandy: thank you!

artists seem to capture the most beauty in their saddest moments in image and word...
your picture captures a glimpse of hope for us...
as i write this, the sky looks like your picture ... sound of distant thunder...
oh please, let it be rain. we are thirsting for it. all is still, as our little part of the world awaits

doesn't it blow you away that you are capable of seeing that grace and beauty in spite of it ?
light and love, Beautiful One.

Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Elizabeth!

it's funny how i can be so
to a color scheme
in the winter sends
spiraling into S.A.Dness.

Your post and photo, along with the thoughtful comments just floor me with their simple awareness and openness.

I love what Deborah, in the comment above, said. I completely agree.

I have not been to your blog in a while, I've missed it. Too caught up in my own little ball of stress. I'm so glad I stopped by!

I'm right there with you. Mine is tinged with exhaustion. In fact, that's usually the cause of mine.

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