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There is nothing like the Pacific coast!

Much welcomed and appreciated as we are sitting in hot, muggy weather in the east. However...after a long cold June, I am not complaining.

LOVE the watercolor dream of today's photo, Elizabeth! Summer here has been mild...warm days tempered with the odd shower...a bit of everything. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

thank you for your refreshment!!!
xo (beautiful pic!)

i'm in love with this picture. oh my gosh. i will live near there if it takes me til on my death bed to do it !!!! i am just not a prairie person.
it was 101 here last night. NIGHT!! for pete's sake. about 9:30.
i will visit this photo often. thank you!!!

I need to come visit you and leap around the beach:)


I don't need either cool air or warm air as our weather has been super fantastical day after day. So I'm sending the cool air to my Michigan relatives who have been renting a big cottage and likely stuck inside with air-conditioning pretty much every minute they are not in the water! We are heading north next week and this pic get me excited about our destination in Bandon!!

Beautiful! I will take your cool air. And meditate on the image in your photo. I don't suppose the view ever gets old, does it?

Thanks, I needed that.

i will take it with thanks ... love the photo..glad your birdie made it OK

send more, it's still hot here! :)

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