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i turned 66 yrs old on june 11 and i am still wrestling with what you're talking about. there are moments when i totally have given up control, but then i fear the free fall that i perhaps imagine and i go back to control. clearly has always been a problem. wonder if it's simply innate in some natures and to fight it is like swimming up the waterfall in your picture? i don't know. but i know it is exhausting to the spirit.
but i do need/want to trust.
the universe and me... in that order!

hhhmmm... yes!... As ever, you have a wonderful way of putting all into words so well, with great perspective, Elizabeth! Giving up control..That's something I've been working on too, in small ways. Like you, I'm trying to release some of the boxes I put myself in. I think control is related to fear, so trying to release some control to live a bit more fear-less. And it all is practice, isn't it? The ideas sound so good, and it all makes sense, but actually living it--it's a practice! Your trust posts make me think so much! Happy Week, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

elizabeth, you say these things so well.

my question is "how do I surrender?"

@brooke: i wish i knew. but the other thing i did write down was that maybe it's not one act, maybe it's a series of choices. the thing that i've been doing is asking, "am i choosing based on faith or fear?" surprisingly, it works even for little things, like, "am i choosing to sit at the computer out of faith or fear?" :)

@tammy: me too. me too. the thing i am trying to remember is that even when i think i'm in control, i'm really not. that it's impossible to control life. i know this intellectually, but i don't really get it yet.

@tracy: it really is a practice, though it's so hard to not want to just be there already. :)

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