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alas, this is my least favorite trust photo, because that mossy branch drives me batty. i don't know why i left it in the scene.

A bridge is a great symbol of trust. It is held firm at both ends, the beginning and the end, and with the middle suspended in mid-air. We trust that the firm ends will hold the middle. The mossy branch is the hammer hanging over it that we trust will not fall.

Oh, a bridge is a great metaphor for trust! I've never liked bridges either, especially those high up... But I try to trust myself and the bridge that I will get across safely. :o) Happy Weekend, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

Oh..that's so funny! I just recently had a similar experience with my pup. I had to literally drag her across a bridge..gently coaxing and reassuring her the entire way. A perfect metaphor for 'trust'!

the mossy branch gives it kind of a surreal feeling ... like land of the lost?
is that a metaphor for right now ...
i walked across the royal gorge bridge in colorado when i was a child. i knew how atlas felt on his bridge. it seemed to go on FOREVER.
and was so very far down and it moved!
your posts have made me think much about trust. it was a good word for this year.

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