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i. love. these.
how adorable is this puppy!!!
and i totally agree about your book. you need to start on it now! all the weims will thank you.
cheers and hugs,
tammy j

Love how you've captured his sweet nose peeking thru. And your William Wegman comment made me laugh!

oh, i totally forgot about these! i love them! so cute:) but i did feel bad to keep getting atlas to jump up there. and yes! i totally agree with your restitutional shoot:)

I adore these! Particularly the first two. Such a curious, wonderful nose. One of my favorite things about puppies (though it's hard to pick) is their noses.

i love the thought of you dressing up for photos with an undressed atlas.
please do it and please share!!!

wow you got some wonderful shots there.. love the angles and yes i would have to agree ...dogs are not the best to catch holding still~

Heehee! He is such a good advice giver. I can tell how active he is in these photos and it makes me giggle. Too cute.

That Atlas is just sooo SMART! VERY fun photos series, Elizabeth... And I think your idea for photo project of pic of Atlas just as himself is brilliant. Just a Weim in all his glory... I can see it now! :o) ((HUGS))

@jen t: of course i'll share! i can't promise it'll be anytime soon, though - i might have to find the right photographer, one with costumes. :)

@helen: i'm sure he knows it wasn't your idea. ;)

@tammy: ha. hadn't thought of making it into a book. but if i do, i know just the title: "dear atlas, i'm sorry i love william wegman."

My gal hates having her picture taken. As soon as I point the camera, she drops her ears and looks away. Since they never get to see the end result, I always wonder what she thinks I'm doing.

love these little peeks at atlas in the light, so curious about his mama. :)

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