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enjoy every moment with him!

Ahhh yes... pups and computers both grow old... but hopefully you have many more happy years with Atlas.

i love the pics of Atlas...... he is always so happy. You are an awesome momma to that furry fella and he and the rest of us know it! Was your old Mac giving you problems, or just slow? Have a great day !!!!

LOVE the BLISS feeling of these Atlas Running photos, Elizabeth! 8 years... Atlas does seem so much the puppy in spite of years. We think that about our kitty Charlie too. He will be 11 later this year... but he's still our kitten! It interesting how so many things are woven together with our perception and feelings about time. Hope you'll have some happy days with your new computer--upgrading, hooray :o) ((HUGS))

you are going to love the new mac.
your love for atlas warms me.

darling little atlas. i know he's a big puppy but when you pic him asleep with those long legs all curled up... he's really just little.
with all the love and exercise he gets... he'll be around a long time!
hey e...
remember wilf? the site i sent you because it looked like my zeke? well wilf had been given 3 days to live. that was 11 months ago. he has diabetes. i think he's 12 or 13. but he lives like a king. he enjoys every single day. a joie de vivre that we all should have! it's so inspirational to read about him .. and not too shabby seeing the south of france each day either!
uh-oh... writing a book here again.
my favorite subjects... dogs and loving the good life!
tammy j

i love these photos:) and i'm glad you're getting your new computer. i know you'll love it even though i won't;)

@sandy: it is indeed slow. i don't mind that. but there are things i cannot do or install on it because it's so old. i have a lot of projects on hold because of that and it is finally time to begin!

I know this place where the passage of time actually dawns on you and makes your time with those you love that much sweeter. You and Atlas are forever entwined in love and I send you wishes for many more happy and healthy years upon this earth together. xoxo

Lovely, adorable, funny Atlas, you are so blessed to have him in your life!!*hugs*

that is hard to imagine ..such a spirited dog..Sam is almost 13 ..it is strange I know what you mean..big hugs to you..new Apple YAY!!

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