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*sigh*... the sweetest time of day, the magic hour... Glad to share a moment of it here with you, Elizabeth. I love how your photo, the shadow almost looks like a psychedelic fern leaf. :o) Oh, am actually launching a new blog today, with new creative focus--I'm very excited about it. In a few weeks I'll be closing Pink Purl. Thanks for visiting me there. ((HUGS))

our temps all last week and this week to be ...
up to 105 and 107 each day.
i keep fresh cool water in the birds' bath thru-out the day.
yesterday evening a whole family of sparrows perched around the stone circle and took turns swimming and swishing in the water!
yes... i do love it. even as hot as it is.
the moments that make poetry.
and beautiful photos like the one above...

I love the light too... ben, the kids and I were out at Lake Michigan last night as the sun was doing its magic... .I wished a thousand times I had my camera to catch my girls in their beautiful purple innertubes just dripping water and sunlight. Well, there will be many more evenings like that... I'll just have to bring my camera next time.

Elizabeth, as I was reading this, before I saw your last words, I thought to myself, "I love, love, love that light!" Yes, definitely love, love, love!

@gayle: it's magic :)

@holly: i can picture it! i remember evening swims in lake (superior). now i am missing them.

@tammy: that's hot! i can just picture the sparrows - i would love to see birds in a bird bath someday.

@tracy: oh! how exciting! i will have to check it out tomorrow!

Such beautiful lighting!

Oh Elizabeth! I call it golden time..this makes me smile and say Ahhhhh...and just release and breath. This photo is magical. It is golden time here at my home right now and I am enjoying this quiet time of day and the golden rays playing against the blinds and floor. Hugs to you beautiful friend. x

such beautiful light.


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