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just call you elizabeth dali!
totally surreal.
is it me, or is the last one smiling at you?
i am beyond bliss...
it is 78 degrees this morning and we got rain in the night!!!
yes it is still to be in the mid-hundreds all week... but we got some rain! hallelujah.

Ooo...I love this... almost psychedelic! And, yes, rather Dali-esque! I like the almost dancing quality of the light... Feels good to see, feel something happy after a very tough weekend here. Thanks, Elizabeth :o) ((HUGS))

I am surprised that with all the walking that you and Atlas do, that he needs to have his nails trimmed.

Wow! Beautiful photos, I love the colours. Just shows you, you can find beauty anywhere and in anything!

Neat shots! Pretty sure the wall was made of "glass bricks."

@claire: ha. that sounds like the perfect name. i just can never be sure if they're really glass. :)

@leone: so true.

@jerry: yeah, he must have magic growing nails. i get them cut every 4 weeks or so and they really could be done earlier. now i wonder what they'd be like if we didn't walk!

@tracy: hugs for your tough weekend.

@tammy: dali! i went to a dali exhibit in san fran once; i do love his work. so glad you got cooler temps and rain - hurrah hurrah!

Amazing!! I totally love finding inspiration in the most unlikely places - fun, fun!!

oh super cool!

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