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What a good idea, that collar...It's hot here today, I could use one of those. ;o) Happy Day, Elizabeth((HUGS))

Sometimes I put an ice-cold can of soda on my neck when it gets really hot... feels great! I'm sure Atlas feels the same way. :)

i'm with atlas. there are reasons at the current time why i can't leave this blessed land-locked state... but in a year or so, i hope to be where it's considered hot at 80... and where i can see the ocean!
101 at 9:30 pm the other night. rain last night! so only 99 today. then 106 tomorrrow.
bring on the cool collars! GREAT idea for puppies. i'll spread the word down here.

Oh Elizabeth I am so coming back as one of your dogs in my next life!!! I love the idea of the collar. How ingenious. Animal lovers go to great lengths to keep their loved ones comfortable and happy and that's as it should be. Atlas, you are one lucky dog!!!

i think ollie and delilah need that. it has been so hot here. poor ollie doesn't like the heat.

super cute picture! and i can just picture this scenario. atlas has a rough life:)

I told my friend about this last week. Glad he likes it!

Phoebe needs a mini doxie sized one of these! I took the little dogs for a walk just after 8:30 the other night...and had to carry her most of the way, because it was so dang hot. She hates to be carried, but she was tripping over her tongue, so an intervention was necessary. I put her down a little way from home so she could walk back into the house with her head held high. Yeah, the things we do for our dogs!

Glad to know Atlas is keeping cool and comfortable ~ 80 degrees is sweltering to me too. :)

Oh, that is so cool (!) I have not seen these - a new doggy-gadget. Great idea because I don't think most dogs do well in the heat. On warm days, Muffy expects to be taken swimming and usually is not disappointed!

What a "kool" idea. I think Nikki gets overheated on our walks. She has a tendency to stop and lay down in the shade when we are out. I checked out their website. They are out of her size right now, but I am going to buy one from them if my regular pet store doesn't carry them.

I melt at 80 degrees -- I'm totally with Atlas. Now to find one of those collars for me....

When we had the horrible heatwave early in the summer with a broken a/c, we resorted to hosing down the dogs. They did not like it, not at all, but they were far, far more comfortable.

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