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You need a pastry blender! That's what I always have used. It is shaped like a D- with the straight side the handle and multiple thin metal almost wires on the curve. Works great. :)


your pie looks delicious!

a pasty blender is what i use, too. but you can use 2 butter knives. it just takes longer ;)

mmm, looks good! too bad i don't like pie;) Congrats on your first ever pie success!

I did the whole year of pie last year without a food processor, so I'm pretty good at this.

I have a pastry blender, but usually, I just cut the butter in to tiny pieces, stick it in the freezer for a few minutes and get it really cold, then I pinch the little pieces in to the flour with my fingers. It's faster, and leaves one less thing to wash when I'm done.

Your pie looks delicious!

Cutting butter into flour is one of my favorite things. I have no idea why!

I agree; you need a pastry blender! But, back in the Dark Ages when I was in junior high school Home Ec class, I believe we were taught to use a fork. Either that, or that's what I used at home because we had neither a pastry blender nor a food processor. Anyway, a bit slow and perhaps a bit tedious, but definitely doable.

"yay for pre-made pie crusts" - I'm with ya! Never yet owned a pastry blender - embarrassed to admit I don't even know what they look like. And at my advanced age too.... sad! Fact is, I'm not really a pie baker, but when I do I'm all over those pre-made crusts. Looks divine!!

Pre-made crusts exists for a reason. :)

That looks delicious!

@sherron: dark ages. ha. that reminded me that i was going to edit my post to say that i was sure that pie crusts were invented before the food processor - but i went to bed instead. ;)

@jolie: thanks! i'll try that for sure. i always am in favor of less washing.

@jen t: 2 knives! i used a fork.

@anne: she mentioned a pastry blender in the recipe and i thought it was a special blender. laughing now. i think i want one of those anyway - i thought you could use them to mash potatoes. (or wait, maybe that's another thing. well, it seems like it could do double-duty.)

looks mouth-watering delicious. i want to share some pie with you......

That is one very pretty pie!

Yum, yum, yum!

Funny how everyone has their own opinion. Myself, I do not like pre-made crust, and would never buy one! I prefer my usual recipe best. And all I have ever cut butter in with is a fork. I don't know if I could do it another way anymore! The pie looks yummy by the way!

holy cow, that looks delish! Great colors too. I thought about you on your pie baking day ~ the smell of a pie in the oven fills me with glee. :)

Yay for you!!!! Peach no less, one of my favorites:)

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