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Perhaps dogs aren't musical creatures? ;o) I think it's lovely and so sweet... And so are these photos! Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

Hey Elizabeth! Do you say this to him or sing it to him? Over the years, I have had some of the coolest, most open and honest conversations with dogs. THEY are really the best! Hope the 2 of you you besties have a great day! xo

I don't comment often on your photos, but I love Weimaraner Wednesday Miss Atlas!

i so love your morning poem to atlas.

your bond with atlas is something pretty special.

Chica has her own song. When I sing it to her now, after seven years, she just lifts a brow and looks at me. Used to be she would show me more musical appreciation...
The lyrics are "Chica-chica-chica-cheek-a-cheek" sung to Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik...
Love your poem to Atlas, your BFF !

i knew it would be Atlas....dogs deserve the title 'man's best friend' .

@ann: indeed they do.

@kim: love, love, LOVE! i wonder if this poem will last 7 years.

@vivienne: it is. i feel so lucky to have him.

@amy: wait, were you calling me Miss Atlas? or were you saying that you miss Atlas? lol. either works. ;)

@sandy: i say it, though it is probably rather sing-song-y. i feel like i got the good morning, good morning idea from a song, though i cannot for the life of me remember it. fun to hear about your dog-conversations! i can imagine that they would be open and honest indeed.

@tracy: i figure he has a lyrical soul and is groaning at my rhymes. ;)

Lol. The essence is quite wonderful.

That is so sweet!

oh you know he loves it ..I like the photos coming and going

yes to dog poems and songs! (rave agrees)

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