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having to hibernate like a little bug under a rock! temp in the hundreds for 28 days (setting some kind of record)... keeping the birds in cool water is a full time job!
drinking iced tea with slices of orange, lemon and fresh mint. yum!
reading, rather re-reading all the m.c. beaton cozy english mysteries, set in the cotswalds.
love the harry too!
tammy j

Lettuces and radishes...mmm... and, indeed, very Christmas-colored! haha... Can't wait to see Harry Potter, we're planning to go this next weekend. I can't believe there won't be any more to wait for...*sniff-sniff*... I would love a broom stick! We're just back from 3-day London weekend. Harry Potter advertizements on all the famous red double-decker buses--it was fun! We tried to get tickets to see HP7 while in London, but everywhere was sold out... LOL! Happy new week, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

correction for any uk followers you might have,
my apologies! the spelling of the enchanted cottage area of england would be 'cotswolds.'
tammy j

My hubby and I saw the Harry Potter movie last night. It was quite well done, though it deviates from the books a great deal. Still, it felt like I was saying good bye to some friends I have watched grow up.
I think if I could have any spell, it would be "repair-o", which fixes things that are broken - I am a bit of a klutz sometimes. But flying sure would be cool...
Summer is delicious with hot, beach, fresh veggies, slower pace, grilled yummies, and not a snowflake in sight...
Light and love on whatever you bring your energy to, Lovely Elizabeth !

@kim: i like the idea of the luck potion, or maybe disapparate. i'd never have to climb stairs in my house! ;) your summer sounds delicious. mmmmmm. love it.

@tracy: your trip sounds fun! a perfect way to celebrate a birthday. seeing hp in london would be fun! maybe it will become a thing, like the shows in the west end sort of thing.

@tammy: yum, yum, yum! now i want iced tea. i'm sure the birdies are thanking their lucky stars for you! wishing you internal coolness, at least!

Just saw Harry Potter... it was great. Kath is painting trim. We're eating out as it's Restaurant week in Providence. :)

these images are strongly encouraging me to hop on my bike and hit the morning farmer's market!

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