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I have used Gimp for photo resizing; it was free. It's slightly clunky but I'm not familiar with photo software, so I bet it would make more sense to someone who does have experience with it (ie, the clunky part might be me).

Such a cute nose!

I've used IrfanView for several years.

Here's the link


Love it... too bad we don't have a mouse either. :)

Oh, Atlas... love your nose! I hope our Charlie won't mind if I win your nose. ;o) I use Corel Painter for art & photos, but it's not free. I do sometimes use GIMP, which is FREE, though, great for temporary use: http://www.gimp.org/ Happy Weekend, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

it is a cute mousepad..gives a nice peek at the jowls as well with which i am very much acquainted;) but unfortunately i don't need a mousepad. happy friday!!

I love Atlas' nose; reminding me to stop and smell the flowers.. my mousemat is actually in two layers that are so close to separating, i would love to be entered to win atlas' nose.

thanks, @darcy & @jerry & @tracy for the suggestions! i will go check them out shortly. i was reminded that there might be a way to grab them from flickr too, which might be even quicker. :)

@rose: you are the winner of the nose! hee. i think i still have your address .. i'll post it once i'm back from vacation.

@helen: and such nice jowls they are, i'm sure you would agree. ;)

I use Picnik, it's free and has all sorts of editing options. It's how I do my blog banner and sidebars and how I compress things to send.

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