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SO MUCH food for thought here today, Elizabeth.... my mind is doing somersaults! I think I'm going to have to go back and read this again... Similarly, I stunned as you are. And now I'm thinking, what really motivates me?...hhhmmm... ((HUGS))

I can really relate to your comment "I want someone else to tell me what to do" and how to do it so I can get it right and not make any mistakes. A total lack of self-trust. Food for thought, thanks!

@leone: what to do & how to do it. yes. exactly. wishing for more trust for us both.

@tracy: somersaults! that's exactly how my mind felt through most of it. and "what motivates me" is such a thoughtful question.

So interesting. It's hard to let go- it takes courage to *live* your life. Thanks for sharing! :)

Elizabeth.... as thinking beings, and not all on this earth are, we are gifted/cursed( depending on how I feel, lol, on any given day) with a mind that loves to explore. I keep reading to be mindful and present in my thoughts and honestly, for me, it's a tough one. Any thoughts from one thinker to another? xo

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