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thank you
for this
pause wish.

Oh... a moment to stop, to breathe, to connect... that felt good! Thanks for the reminder, Elizabeth ;o) Happy Weekend to you & sweet Atlas ((HUGS))

Love this! Quiet stillness...shhhhh!!!!

oh thank you.

happy Friday !

Yes indeed, thank you. This is just lovely (the picture, and your wish, and the actual moment of stillness that I just took).

amazing. i was about to come to your site. the phone rang. it was my insurance company telling me about the check i will receive for the damage to my house and my fence from last month's tornado. it is barely enough. they said they knew that, and if it goes over, then i will need to contact them again and wait another 4 weeks and then i should receive the remaining amount.
i have never done any of this before. i have religiously paid my premium for 13 yrs... never late. i just want my roof to not leak.
now this? my blood pressure shot up. i could feel it.
i walked back to my computer and visited elizabeth, somewhere on the pacific nw coast.
what a relevent post this is for me today!
i tend to hold my breath when i'm stressed.
now, i'm calm. breathing softly and deeply again. (maybe it's time to rent an apt) :)
thank you elizabeth!
tammy j

Oh, I loved it - how fun to hear your voice again!! I would love to have a conversation about this. I mean, you would think that at my age I would have figured it all out, wouldn't you? I guess it's because I have been having to re-invent myself these last 2 years after a long career that I am still in the place where you are in your 30's. So keep asking the questions.... I love following along!

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