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Atlas and Kiki...That is sooo sweet! Cat and dog. They can get along. ;o) LOVE those six-fingered feet... I'd want to look at 'em all day too. Very fun photos, Elizabeth. That second one especially has all the charm of play. So cute! Happy Day ((HUGS))

a kitty with thumbs ... wearing mittens! how adorable!
my zekey loved cats too. i thought he was the only one til i met atlas.
zeke had a special friend that stayed hidden in a hedge til we walked by. zeke started wagging his tail 20 yds away and started to tug on the leash for me to hurry. i never even knew when she was in there, but he did! he just loved her. good memories you stirred this morning elizabeth. thank you!

"my name is Inigo Montoya"

@ann: EXACTLY! who doesn't love to say that. i imagine that in this scenario, i am inigo, because i'm pretty sure that atlas is not. hee.

@tammy: that is so sweet. i can just picture it!

@tracy: i am guessing you can tell my mitten love by the amount of mitten photos. ;)

oh, what a wonderful Atlas story! Hurrah for best friends.

love these pics!

I love polydactyl cats!! atlas is too cute.

mimi is curled in my lap as I type and she wants to tell him 'hi.'

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