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you and your whole world and your 'retinal perspectives' on that world are such a delight! i'm so happy to know you! i went to the jewelry site and was taken away! a kindred spirit for sure. exquisite ring. but first the mary oliver poem stopped me in my tracks. ashamed i hadn't heard of her! good grief. where have i been? i kept strolling and laughed to think how atlas would love little rhubarb abrosia honey badger!
cheers to you dearest girl and your ice cream on this hot august day... blueberries and cream indeed!
tammy j

You just always manage to make me smile. With the ice cream cones. And the books. And Justin Bieber! That jewelry is stunning. I hope you get to have a piece or two someday.

@kylie: i am reading "the obsession" right now. for some reason, i think you would enjoy it. she is making the case that our current focus on slenderness started with the advent of feminism (and why). it is very fascinating.

@tammy: he would love her indeed! (i just discovered mary oliver a couple of years ago myself. also wondered how i missed her. really! how is that possible?! wishing you a cool august day over there! xo

You are all over the map today... I LOVE that! I love the playfulness with all that you're dipping into these days. (Dipping, ice cream... get it? ;o) ha...) We have ice cream, but we seldom buy sugar cones. Why is that? That is wrong, isn't it?! It's time to get back to kid basics, isn't it? GREAT book selections, making note of... Justin Bieber--really??!! That is too much... LOL... Oh, but that jewelry--dreamy pieces...*swoon*... This has been all such fun to read, Elizabeth. You know since I've been doing this chakr/creative journaling workshop, I'm feeling all over the map too, and wanting to burst out and do all sort of things my heart has been whisper, but the grown up in me keeps in check too often. Well, it's the weekend now, and grown up is checking out! ;o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Yum! Your ice cream is so photogenic!

My oldest son is on my mind. We brought him to college, six hours away, this week. Sigh. I miss him so.

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