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love this quote!!!!!!!!
& the intuitive photo within it's perfect!

And a perfectly mysterious image to go with it.

i love this quote today. it has a special meaning for me.
my sister-in-law just saw her little grandchildren and her son (my nephew) for perhaps the last time. we went to new mexico.
our trip was beautiful and savage to the heart.
it can be one in the same. and it was.
your image and words help. they always do!
i think that is your "worthy" gift.
tammy j

You did it again - perfect matching of words and image!! I love Diane Ackerman - many years ago I was struck by some quotes of hers, copied them and saved them in my files... they're still in there!

@patty: any other good ones i should know about?

@tammy: beautiful and savage can indeed be one. there is such hard in "the last time". wishing you both comfort.

@marcie: it is mysterious indeed. i am still pondering it myself.

@rachel: thanks!

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