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haha... this is too cute! Atlas is a font of wisdom... Although the silly outfit would have been fun too. ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

oh look at atlas!
it's as if he already knows he's going to have a special (semi-regular) wise quotation spot!!!

i always laff at the dogs in outfits but then i groan. "how could you do that?"
i have a neighbor who dresses up her dachshund.
he tolerates it but i think he feels silly.

good quote atlas. deeper than you might think.
i love to get my wisdom from a dog.
love you boy,
tammy j

much better two buried paws than an outfit!

@helen: exactly. at least according to atlas. ;)

@tammy: now i am chuckling at the pun in deeper. ;)

@tracy: fun, indeed. for me (us), at least. oh, how i wish it were fun for him.

I'm guessing you were trying to make him resemble a walrus.... which he does somewhat with the short legs and rolls on his neck. :) Cute!

@amy: actually, i did not think of that at all. i was just being silly. but now that you point it out, i can see the resemblance. :)

hear, hear!

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