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oh that adorable puppy! how can such a long legged fellow look so little all curled up!
and i'm with you. this summer has been positively brutal. a two digit temperature at this point would look like a cold front!
tammy j

just came across some great and very interesting info on dogs and the heat of summer on this site. i knew it was hard on them but had no idea how hard. must reading for any dog lover. (tho, those of us who really love them keep them in where it's cool) wish they would put it on tv so more people would see it!
july 20th post. just bigwhitedogblue should get it to that post now.

this photo is the SWEETEST.
i LOVE it so much!
oh yes, cool air, please
come in & refresh!

So uncomfortable for them in the heat. Poor things - their bodies are so much warmer than ours.

So cute!

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