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Isn't it interesting what happens when we tune into flow...how we really start noticing when we genuinely are in flow, or not?! LOVE all the ideas for you current creative/business projects--especially the postcards from Atlas! Wishing you all the best and joy with all your new projects, Elizabeth. Happy Week ((HUGS))

i am still writing my morning pages too! but i have to admit something to you...
instead of 3 pages (i've NEVER had trouble writing that many and more)... my personal challenge is to try to hone my rambling thoughts to one full page, not more than two.
an english prof told me once that i was too in love with words. i love haiku and used to write it just for the discipline and the beauty of it.
you can tell by the length of my comments...
it's a problem for me to just shut up!
so.. am struggling to write succinctly and from the heart each morning and to only keep it one to one page.
and i find your post cards from atlas (and beforehand.. heaven) to be positively enchanting.
the world needs more people like you e.
tammy j

yay!!! i just got the cards i ordered from you.
i love them. Atlas's big golden brown eyes were the first thing i saw! then turned it over and there's his nose. lol.
thank you for the extra one. it is (actually was!) beautiful. I've already used it to send birthday wishes to an old friend just a little while ago. as to the gentle giants... am not going to use them. i'm going to frame them. might have to frame atlas's nose too. it makes me smile.
thanks again. beautifully done e.
i'll be ordering more as i can afford them.
i love the lost art of actually sitting down with a pen and sending a note. it takes so little time and it means so much.
so jane austen of us!!!
now if i just had a mr darcy to send the note to...
thanks again.
tammy j
ps ... using the little e halt email address thingy's as book marks. so pretty!

@tammy: yay! so very glad you are enjoying them! p.s. i am very wordy too, especially in morning pages. maybe i need to try haiku myself.

@tracy: it is so interesting! thanks for the well wishes!

I am still going! I think I missed another day this past week again, but I'm continuing to hit a comfortable balance between pushing to do Shiva Nata even if I'm feeling tired (or just lazy) and giving myself permission to miss a day if that's how it plays out.

I'm finding it interesting that more often than not I'm practicing in the evening so far. Usually, I find it easier to do regular practices when I do them first thing in the morning. Or at least I thought I found it easier that way. :) It's been a rather nice evening ritual to do a bit of Shiva Nata, then a bit of meditation, and then start winding down for the night.

Postcards from Atlas - what an awesome idea!! :) I need to start *sending* more postcards. I am something of a hoarder of pretty postcards, and I'm trying to work through some of my stash so that I can feel justified in buying some new ones. :)

I'm still going with the meditation. It's been a subtle and learning-filled journey thus far. A few days ago, my mid-back began to kind of hurt/be sore/be tight. At first I was still sitting up anyway, but then I realized that was silly. So now I'm lying down for my meditations. My back still hurts, though. I'm noticing that meditating in the evening works much better for me. I'm feeling so glad I joined this month of [something]!

I would love to get a post card from Atlas! Hope his paws hold up with all the signing he'll have to do!

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