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Ooo...I applaud you're wanting to go for nanowrimo in Nov.! A long time ago I wrote at my old blog every day for one month, as personal challenge. It was fun, but not sure I could do it again, every day like that...LOL Do dust off your story--who knows what may happen! Don't worry about the flow... Sometimes it seems to leave us, or we check out of it. The nice thing, is that we can find ourselves in it again, sometimes unexpectedly. :o) Happy Week, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

Hh my gosh, I'm so excited that now you're thinking about fiction and nanowrimo! Yes! Would possible seal the deal for me if you decided to do it.

My 30 day experiment is swimming along. Although I do think I should have chosen a quality, like flow or something, to go along with it. Because without that extra intention, something about it seems flat. Even though I'm sticking with the practice, I don't really feel like I'm learning very much from it or about it. I dunno. It is nice to be sticking with it in a fairly low-drama way though.

@briana: i'll let you know!

@tracy: what a great challenge. it reminds me of that december challenge, i think it's called #reverb, though that has prompts. let's hope i find flow, or it finds me! :)

Let's see...check-in...I haven't done any Shiva Nata since Tuesday of last week. I've completely flaked on it since my LASIK surgery. And there wasn't any good reason for it, because I've been cleared for a return to regular exercise since the day after the surgery. I've been studiously not thinking about it in order to stave off the guilt. I think that last night was the first time that I accepted that it's okay for me to falter in this, and that I don't have to feel guilty about it. But that not thinking about it isn't really helpful. Amazingly, today I feel like I *want* to do this again. So I expect that the day will have some Shiva Nata in it yet, sometime before bedtime. :)

@steph: i definitely know the "not thinking about something to avoid feeling guilty" or "to avoid feeling afraid or mad or .." it never is helpful and yet i continuously ignore that. p.s. you have new eyes! how exciting!

This photograph caught my heart! Is it in your shop? I'm off to check!

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