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Ooo... my sentiments exactly! The sweeter, the better! ;o) We need to band together for more sweetness! Are those blackberries?...mmm... Happy Weekend & Happy Autumn, my friend ((HUGS))

why is there magic in the words berries and cream? (only mine is cholesterol-safe skim milk) groan. not the same is it? berries and skim milk.
so i will feast on your pictures and remember summers in my childhood, getting off the train in new york and having blackberries and cream. sometimes raspberries and cream. the child in me loved their shapes. still do!
tammy j

@tammy: because cream and taste have the same amount of letters. ;) i've never had raspberries in cream! strawberries, yes. i'll have to try raspberries next year.

@tracy: they are indeed! it's the end of the season, i think. *sad face*

that looks heavenly! it's been way too long since I've had berries and cream ~ thanks for reminding me! xo

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