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aaawww Atlas! So glad you're doing better, buddy! HOORAY! As for getting your way... I know if/when our kitty Charlie pouts long enough, he usually gets his way... Just a tip. ;o) LOL... ((HUGS))

that's a sly little grin you got there.
you know something elizabeth doesn't know?
and is that some sand on your nose and chin?
heavenly smells on a walk, whether harnessed or not... right? right!!
and who wouldn't want a postcard of love from you?!!!
tammy j

Atlas, our dog Sophie would like to reassure you that a harness "ain't that bad". She can lunge at things and only rip my arm off, not choke herself, which is all to the good apparently.

glad you're doing better atlas! and i know she wouldn't make you wear the harness if it wasn't good for you. and i love the pic:)

Hi Atlas,

I know what you mean about the collar/harness. I bark and run around at first, but then I settle down because, after all, WE ARE GOING FOR A WALK!!!


So glad our sweet Atlas is doing well.

Yay... we're glad Atlas is feeling better! Love, Puck, Ty, and Dory. :)

And they say dogs don't smile!?!?

@patty: i know, right!

@amy: atlas sends them all kisses.

@relyn: me too.

@jerry: atlas says thanks for the reminder. (especially since the nature's pet gal said he is getting a bit portly. ;)

@helen: exactly! i am doing it out of love.

@ann: not choking seems like a fabulous thing to me. though we'd all like you to keep your arm, please. :)

@tammy: he probably knows that there is something disgusting nearby to smell. ;)

@tracy: atlas says good reminder. thanks, charlie!

Hiya, Atlas. Good to hear from you! Listen to Elizabeth. You're smart, but she really does know what's best for you! Hugs from the midwest. XO

Hello Atlas! Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Hope you're feeling better. About the harness? Well, Elizabeth just wants you to be safe. I will tell you though I had a black lab who used his eyes very well to get whatever he wanted. I usually caved. I miss him lots. So I live vicariously through other people who love their dogs as much as I loved mine. He never thought he was a dog though. Don't know where he ever picked that up. His name was Ash.

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