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last week at this time, I was standing on the ocean's edge, giggling like my 5 year old self, as the sand pipers frolicked in the waves and the sunlight sparkled like a million stars on the wet sand...
I know this joy.
Thanks for capturing it and bringing it back to me !
Happy Tuesday, Lovely One !

i lived near the sea as a child. your 5 yr old self made me smile, kim.
somehow before i die and go to the next wonderful planet... i must return to living near the sea. near enough at least to visit it!
i love the way you play with light e. mystical.
tammy j

my favorites are the 3rd and 4th pics! and that reminds me i need to read the a wrinkle in time books. but i have no time for reading fun stuff:(

Oh my gosh! I CAN NOT believe you said that about Ring of Endless Light. I thought the SAME THING!

I love this series. :) Beautiful. Calming.

I haven't read that one but if it brings to mind these photos I bet I'd love it. (and dolphins too, you say?!!!)

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