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I haven't even read the story yet and I love how the cherry tomatoes echo Atlas's adorable paw pads!

oh my, those puppy feet are the best!

Loving what u r doing here and love the story! U were a cup stacker before cup stacking was popular! (I'm assuming cup stacking isnt just a Canadian thing but let me know if u want me to explain) :)

oh e!
i love every image... of course most special the adorable atlas!
i'll have to figure out how to get some of those. i've never bought or sold on the computer before. but these are so tempting!
tammy j
ps... writing my 3 pages tonite. this morning was too busy helping my neighbor move.
achey achey back!


Ooo... sooo EXCITING! I love this collection, Elizabeth, and especially the story inspiring it. Each photo in the collection is so sweet... Especially loving the one of Atlas's feet--with the grass very visible between his toes... that's outrageous! :*BIG SMILES* Can't wait to see more of your inspired collections. Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

I love it them! I especially love that there's a story behind them -- it's like a secret treat when you click on each item. Beautiful.

:) i like that they show up in the shop in blue, green, yellow, red order, the way i knew them:)

! i just realized that your order is the roy g biv order. i never realized it before:)

@helen: hahaha! i knew the order would seem backward when you looked at it, but i had to add them in the "right" order. haha.

@everyone: so glad you are loving the collection! :)

september collection! I love the way that sounds. And looks. And the story! It sounds like something I would have done as a kid, ordering things in my own very particular way.

So glad you're doing this.

These are just filled to the brim with LIFE! Lovely! :)

oh i want to kiss those paws! hey atlas! hi there elizabeth.

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