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a prayer of thanks, this moment, this puppy, this life.
perfectly said.
hug that precious boy for me!
tammy j

i'm leaning towards weimiversary.
congratulations on 8 wonderful years!!
i love that feeling when my cup runneth o'er.

Happy Weimiversary, Elizabeth and Atlas! Love this portrait of him. The LOVE just oozes from this image... I feel the same way about our Charlie, who turns 11 this year, but who we've had for 6 years. So he's getting to be an old man...LOL... Enjoy your day with pup--Happy Tails! ;o) ((HUGS))

Happy anniversary of Atlas! I love how you write about him, because it helps me feel like the amazing amount of love I feel for Peaches the Cat is totally normal. Thank you for that.

Happy Weimaversary and Weimiversary, Atlas and Elizabth!
Enjoy every moment of your day!
With Love,
Angela (and Gracie and Max)

Happy Weimaversary (or Weimiversary)!!

Those moments are such treasures. Wishing you many more of them!

ok, I am now pretty convinced that it is spelled Weimiversary. at least i will know when webster-mirriam comes calling. ;)

thanks, everyone!

This made me cry. I'm convinced that that feeling is what True Love feels like. XO

Your words and photos would be wonderful on a calendar. They touch my heart!!

Sweet celebration of your Love for Atlas and all he has brought to you.
I can hear your hearts singing...

i was just thinking about you two last night:) didn't realize it was your 'versary today though! enjoy the trail!

Happy weimiversary!! I hope you and Atlas have a wonderful run. Here's to many more happy years together!

they are such a special part of our lives ..he is lucky to have YOU!! lovely photo

what a great idea! i would buy an atlas puppy calendar!
tammy j

@leone/tammy: that is a good idea! I'll consider it. i made an atlas calendar years ago as a gift for someone (with one for me, of course). i did love it. :)

I think that's really the secret to a good lift - being grateful for the small things - for what you have here and now. I know just what you mean.

Happy Anniversary to you and Atlas! I love celebrating special days with special dogs ~ such sweet moments.

our furry baby will be 15 in january and we've had her since she was 8 weeks old....it's really amazing what these animals add to our hearts !

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