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one of my favorite books is very small...
maybe you've read it.
it's 'peace is every step' by the vietnamese monk thich nhat hanh.
the path of mindfulness in everyday life.
even washing dishes is a lovely moment for awareness. a wonderful peace of writing for a lovely way of life!
tammy j

all true indeed.

Very profound, Elizabeth... "love is the answer...." Love is always the answer! When I'm in doubt, I turn to love. I ask, what is to love here?, where can I give love?, who needs some love?, how can I better be the love?...Love always sets me in the right direction. :o) I appreciate the focus of your attention here today, and sharing it with us. And also, when in doubt, ask Atlas. ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))


I love this! You always share such wonderful and heartfelt truths and some that are hard to say or put into words because they are hard to live. The truth is you are so very precious. xoxo

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